News: Pleasure Beach presents WOW weekends!

It’s bound to be an exciting start to the season as Pleasure Beach opens its gates for the 2011 season on February 12. It will also be visitor’s first opportunity to see the progress of the Nickelodeon Land developments.

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WOW Weekends are priced at the full gate price of £32 for adult wristbands or £22 online and £17 online for junior wristbands. £5 Pleasure Beach passes are also available. There will be a reduction in the number of children’s rides available due to Nickelodeon Land construction, but the relocation of the Tea Cups ride and the hopeful opening of Gold Mine, will make sure there is plenty for families to do.

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Pleasure Beach have announced their ride line up for the event which includes the usual Valhalla, the Big One, Ice Blast and Revolution. It is also no secret that the Big One has a new entrance and brand new trains that are inspired by the Union flag.

Nickelodeon Land opens April 6, 2011.

Are you planning to visit Pleasure Beach during WOW weekends? If so, let us know!

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  1. Paul Coker says:

    32 quid?! I remember when it was 50p a ride

  2. chris myers says:

    well yeah i am planning on taking our head of PR Lyanne well we were going to go in december but that got runied because of the weather…

    my main aim is to get her on valhalla and also pepsi max big one and also infusion and what ever else i can get her on.

    she isnt looking forward to it as she hates heights but i am sure for a roller coaster virgin as i have nicknamed her i am sure that i can tempt her in to stepping foot on to the pmbo and infusion queue lines but hopefully i can get her on ice blast but while i am there i am going to see if i can some shots of the devolpments she doesnt know this yet but oh well she will do by later on today lol

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