News: Hastings Pier awarded lottery funding

Hastings Pier has been awarded £357,400 towards a multi-million pound project to save the fire-damaged structure.

The plan involves the restoration of the substructure, deck and railings, which were wrecked by fire in October.

The Hasting Pier and White Rock Trust has not received a final decision on its full bid for £8.75m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Read the full story at: BBC News

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  1. gill johnstone says:

    As a child in 1956 my aunts had a guest house in Cambridge Gardens, I used to love walking along the
    prom. visiting White Rock, loved the planted clock. The model town was a great joy! also seem to remember illuminated gardens, but, also remember walking along bottle alley singing ten green bottles! Alexandra Gardens, the Stade, the old town, most of all the pier sad loss. The things I treasured most from seem to be have been overun by low life, not alll your fault no doubt.

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